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Matt Allen - Update: Jan. 14th 2010

Published Jan 14, 2010

I just wanted to drop you guys an update on how things are going here.

Today marks the first day that I am feeling back to normal. After the pneumonia on Monday-Wednesday, I thought I’d never get out of bed again. But, thank the Lord for His grace and healing. I am feeling much better now, and was able to spend the day working as normal.

Yesterday, Grant Lewis (a young man that is visiting) and I tried to install a wind generator that I carried in my luggage from the States. Grant helped me get a long post welded up and fitted to the wind turbine, and we got it all wired into the 24 volt battery bank for our fridge. I went up to the roof with him to install the turbine blades and receive that much-coveted electricity that the “wind-generator-making-people” boasts will come from this little machine. As we bolted the blades to the turbine, smoke began rolling out of the machine. I’ll give you the order that things happened next… 1) quick stare of disbelief, 2) quick denial that it was coming from my $600 wind turbine; 3) confirmation that smoke was now pouring out of my wind turbine; 4) race down off the roof to disconnect the battery bank and try to keep the fire from coming out at the battery bank where there are SEVEN truck batteries (150 amp-hour batteries!!!) all wired together; 5) quick prayers that the whole system doesn’t blow up and destroy my fridge and freezer! We got it disconnected okay, and opened up the wind generator to find everything inside was melted and fried.

We traced the wiring and it seems there was a fault inside the turbine, so I have sent the company an email asking them to honor their warranty. We followed their instructions to a “tee” but it caught on fire… and almost caught my house on fire.

But in good news, we got the first two posts in the ground for the new hangar today. We have 14 more posts to go, and they should go much faster now. Just pray with us that the river level will return to normal so we can get gravel from the river. The river has been swollen for the last few days and if it doesn’t go down, we won’t have gravel to use for cement around the posts.

Also, today we found out that the PNG government sent us an approval letter for “That They May Know, PNG” which will be the owning incorporation for the airplane here in PNG. We have to put a notice in the newspaper on Monday, January 18, and wait for 30 days. If nobody writes in to the government to lodge a complaint against our “organization” then we will have an officially recognized entity of our own in Papua New Guinea. This has been over a year in coming, so thank the Lord for His gracious hand in this matter.

One last note—this morning, at 8 am, Mankena (many of you will remember him as the old witch-doctor that got saved as a result of Brannon Mangus’s medical attention several years ago) showed up. He had a vine tied in knots. Each knot meant something, and he was very sorrowful. Come to find out, the poor fellow’s wife just passed away in a landslide that not only took her out, but also wiped out Mankena’s three gardens (read that “his only sources of food”). Dad, Pastor James, and I spent about two hours talking with the old guy. Pastor James tried to find out if he had left his old ways after his conversion or if he was still practicing witch-craft. (Remember, Mankena lives about 6-7 hours hike away, so we don’t see him very often.) Mankena held strong to his salvation, and told Bro. James very matter-of-factly that he is not the same man that he used to be. He is a new creature since he got saved. I was thrilled to hear that Mankena, 18 months after salvation, with minimal discipleship, knows he is saved. Pray with us that we will be able to get a church started in his village, Ania. I am planning to take a small group of college students to his village in May/June of this year. (As a side note, we gave him some help financially, and offered him some side work in the future in order to help him get back on his feet.)

We love you guys, Matt