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John and Marciana Gillispie

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The purpose of John and Marciana going to PNG is to reach the Kapiropi people. They need someone to preach the gospel to them. They need someone to stir their hearts to reach others and those around them. 

The plan for John and Marciana when they get to Papua New Guinea would be first for them to start working closely in connection and under the direction of Matt Allen and his team. They would be working in the Kamean tribe, learning the national trade language – Pidgin English. They would help out in whatever areas are necessary such as the Bible school, the language school, and helping support the start of new churches in the Kamean tribe. After being in the country for six months to a year, their plan would be to begin to start planting churches among the Kapiropi people and dedicate their full time ministry to these people. Along with planting churches, they would begin to train nationals to become pastors, teachers, and missionaries from this tribe.

John and Marciana are sent through Victory Baptist Church of Milton, Florida.

Please pray for  John and Marciana Gillispie as they travel, sharing their burden for the people of Papua New Guinea and raising the support they need to get there. Please visit their website today: www.each1reach1.net