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Clinic Ministry Photos from 2010

Published Jun 16, 2011

2010 was a big year for the Medical Outreach Ministry of Kunai Health Centre. We were blessed to have Rachel Muldoon, a registered nurse from Wyoming, join us full-time in the clinic starting in May. Margaret Manateo, our dear Kamea sister who has been training to serve in the medical ministry, graduated from her training in November. Our new clinic building was also completed in November, enabling the ministry to expand even more.

Kunai Health Centre became a TB treatment center. With our new building, we are able to set up a lab to aid in the diagnosis of tuberculosis.

We had a medical team visit in January from Temple Baptist in Herndon, VA; we also had nurses and nursing students from Pensacola Christian College visit in May and June; and then we were blessed later in the year with Daniela Stemer, a nurse from Austria.

2010 was a banner year for our Medical Outreach Ministry!

There were babies delivered, medicines administered, emergencies treated, patients transported and also some medevaced via the mission plane that Matt flies. We saw over 9,300 patients during the year!

Each of these these combined to make it a great year for the Kunai Health Centre. Yet the greatest part of all is that the hearts of Kamea people were opened to understand something of the love of God. Through this ministry, people have come from all over the region, and though they all received treatment for their physical needs, many also received help with their spiritual needs.

In November 2010, a Kamea man named Elijah testified to a group gathered for a drama: “I was short-winded for three years, as if hung by a rope. The missionaries helped me with medicine, and now I am all right. They also preached the Word to me, and now my hope is in Jesus.” And he sang in his own words, “What can wash away my sin? Nothing but the blood of Jesus.”

That’s what our medical ministry is about: Helping people physically so that they can receive help spiritually!

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