Daniel and Melanie Elwood

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Elwood Family

For many years I had been praying for God’s direction in my life concerning missions. I prayed around the world asking God to give me direction. After praying through Sudan, Mongolia, China, North Korea, and other places, God showed me the place I was to serve him one Sunday night, as missionary Matt Allen presented his burden for the people of Papua New Guinea. I already knew a number of missionaries to PNG and considering the size of the island, I considered it a reached nation, but God opened my eyes, in a way only He could, to the need of preachers to carry the light to a country with over eight hundred isolated languages and people groups. I also did not know that God was calling another brother of mine in the church to PNG at the same time to go with us. The Shell family. We plan to work together with the TTMK team in reaching the many untouched tribes surrounding the Kamea people. After our initiation into the culture and language our plan is to reach the Tewata people.  Please pray for our team as we endeavor to take the Gospel to the “regions beyond you” in the country of PNG. The Elwood family “Daniel, Melanie, Philip, and Stephen” are sent out of Sweet Spring Baptist Church in Ardmore, Alabama, under the leadership of Pastor Joel Logan.