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New Church Being Planted at Suwatawa

Published Feb 2, 2008

The first church started by Bro. Matt Allen at Kotidanga is now pastored by Bro. James Naudi, a Kamea national. The Kotidanga Baptist Church has already saved money to buy the roofing for a more permanent structure, and they have begun construction on the new building.

Preaching at Suwatuwa
Matt and Luke preach at Suwatuwa

Bro. Matt Allen has been preaching and teaching in a new work in the village of Suwatuwa, about three hours’ hike away from Kotidanga. Several villages are near this area, and response to the message has been growing. Using a “Creation to Christ” pattern, Bro. Matt has been able to lay a foundation for the Gospel message and to correct some of the misconceptions the people have about God, the Lord Jesus, and God’s word.

People listen at Suwatuwa
People listen to preaching at Suwatuwa

Less than 20% of the people in this area speak Pidgin English, which means that all the teaching and preaching must be translated into Kamea. This underscores the necessity of putting the Kamea language into writing, teaching the people to read and write their own language, with the ultimate goal of translating God’s word into their heart language. The people are excited about the prospect of having the Bible in a language that they understand. Pray with us that our team can soon begin this great work that is so vital to the quickly growing ministry among the Kamea.

Pray that the Lord will use some of the new Bible school graduates as they begin their own outreaches in the Kamea region, and pray that this new work in Suwatuwa will prosper with many souls saved and a new church planted for the glory of God!

John has undergraduate degrees in Sacred Literature and education, and a graduate degree in theology. He is also trained as a linguist and Bible translator through Baptist Bible Translators Institute.
Matt has undergraduate degrees in missions and aviation from Piedmont Baptist College. He holds aviation certificates in private, instrument, commercial, airframe, and powerplant, and is an accomplished pilot.