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Medical Supplies Shipped

Published Feb 18, 2008


On Monday evening, February 4, 2008, fifty members of Landmark Independent Baptist Church gathered to help John and Selina Allen load their forty-foot container. In just over two hours, over 700 boxes of supplies and personal items were tightly loaded. On the following day, the container left Louisville, Kentucky bound for Lae, Morobe Province, Papua New Guinea. Once the container reaches Lae, we can ship the supplies a few items at a time by light aircraft to their final destination in the mountains of Gulf Province.

Solar-powered Lab
Solar-powered Lab and Microscope

Included in the shipment were: a solar-powered lab, hospital bed mattresses, bandages, medicines, a defibrillator, an oxygen-generating machine, two microscopes, a generator, a small four-wheel drive ambulance, a plow blade and a new bucket for the skid steer that is being used to build the airstrip at Kotidanga. It was a blessing for our church family to handle these answers to prayer!

The container should arrive in PNG sometime around the beginning of April. Pray with us that we will be able to clear customs easily and with a minimum of fees and duty charges. Our God is able!

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