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Departure for PNG!

Published Nov 24, 2008

Language Acquisition
Learning an unwritten language requires thousands of hours of sitting—just like this, and repeating sounds, words, and phrases that will be corrected, laughed at, and confirmed. 
Arrival in Papua New Guinea
Selina Allen greets Cherith at the Arrival Gate in Lae, Papua New Guinea.  Smiles all around!  Help has arrived!

Psalm 63:7 “Because thou hast been my help, therefore in the shadow of thy wings will I rejoice,” was the verse the Lord used to encourage me at the beginning of my deputation journey.  Now after ten months of deputation and three months of waiting I can truly say I rejoice in all the Lord has done.  He has gone before me, prepared the way, and given the increase.  My lips shall praise Him!

My heart is rejoicing as I share with you that my departure date for Papua New Guinea is November 9th.  The Lord has opened the door for me to go over on a short term visa with the prayer that my permanent visa will come through while I am there.  Upon my arrival in Kotidanga, I will immediately begin working on learning and writing the Kamea language.  Since a short term visa is only good for sixty days, I will be visiting with a Bible Translator in Vanuatu for two weeks in January.  During this time I will be able to get my linguistic data reviewed and also learn from an experienced missionary.  I look at this time as a large reinforcement to the Kamea work.  After this brief interlude out I will return to Papua New Guinea for another sixty days to continue my language learning.  As I think about my desire to reach the Kamea people’s souls and see them grow in the Lord, it always comes back to their need to have this language written down.  The need is great and the job is tedious.  I look forward to sharing with you examples of the Kamea transcription shortly.

Please strongly focus your prayers on gaining my permanent visa and also that the Lord will open my ears and loose my tongue to learn Kamea correctly.  I feel I need your prayers more than ever as I will be facing new challenges in a spiritual battle for Kamea souls, for we wrestle not against flesh and blood.

In His Care,
II Cor. 3:5

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