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Cherith Stevens Begins Linguistic Analysis of Kamea Language

Published Jun 20, 2007

Miss Cherith Stevens, a 2007 graduate of Baptist Bible Translators Institute in Bowie, Texas, made a short-term visit to the Matt Allen family in the mountains of Gulf Province, Papua New Guinea. Cherith did not waste any time getting down to business; she immediately put her linguistic skills to use in a scientific and orderly fashion, and began the first analysis of the Kamea language.

The initial response of the people is very enthusiastic, Cherith reported. Her linguistic training at BBTI prepared her to not only hear the sounds the way they are spoken by the Kamea people, but also to write them down and to reproduce them accurately. Several of the people have already commented that they think she already knows the language!

One of the highlights of her time among the Kamea believers was the first-ever translation of a Christian song into Kamea. Working with one of the Bible school students and the ladies in the church, Cherith was able to translate two choruses for the people to sing. Imagine the joy among the people when they sang praises to the Lord for the first time in their own language! Until this work, the only songs they had were in Melanesian Pidgin (Pidgin English), which many Kamea people do not understand.

Cherith began deputation in the fall of 2007, raising her own personal support to work with the Allen families among the Kamea people. You may contact Cherith by email.

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