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A House for Pastor James

Published Nov 24, 2008

Walls and Roof Go Up
Walls and Roof go on at the same time.  The guys have learned so much, and are able to help tremendously, when it comes to putting up a building!
Pastor James Family
James, Seba, and Caleb Naudi.  These folks are our precious national co-workers in Papua New Guinea.
Putting up the Frame
Adding a water collection system
Bob, the national carpenter, installs the down-spouts for the water collection system.  This provides the house with fresh, clean water.
Hannah learns carpentry
We make a door for Pastor James’s house.
The Finished House
This is Pastor James’s house—all finished up, with paint too!  Underneath his house, wood is already being stacked to build the new church building!

Pastor James moved into Kotidanga with us.  He is from a village about four hours walk to our south.  Together, we lived in a bush house.  In 2005, our family moved out of that house and into our own “proper” house.  Due to insect problems, the bush houses do not last very long.  A bush house must be rebuilt every three to four years.  

When we saw that Pastor James’s bush house was beginning to wear out, instead of building another bush house, we decided to build a proper house for him.  Unless the Lord leads him somewhere else, James will be in Kotidanga for many years to come.  Why not take care of the pastor?

In 2007, we did the whole “cut a bunch of wood” thing again!  It took about three months to cut all the wood needed, and to carry it back to stack at Kotidanga.  The Lord supplied the finances to purchase the materials to stand up the house, and we finished it up just in time for the December Rally for 2007.

Water is collected off his roof, similar to our house, but instead of pumping it back up to the roof (this would require another generator, pump, and a constant supply of fuel), there is a small kitchen area at the back door of the house.  There is also a shower and toilet on ground level, allowing the water to be fresh and gravity fed.

A quick story about Pastor James Naudi’s testimony.  James got saved in 1997, and was one of the first Kamean men to accept Christ.  He walked three days to Kerema, the closest town, and attended Bible Institute under Missionary John Gray, at Charity Baptist Church.  Upon graduation, James and his new wife Rhonda,  moved with Matt and Becky Allen up to Kotidanga to begin a new ministry.  A little over a year later, the Lord took Rhonda home to heaven as a result of typhoid and malaria.  That left James with their little baby boy, Caleb, to raise on his own.  Caleb is now three years old, and the Lord has brought another precious young lady into James’s life.  James married Seba the first of this year, and they have been perfect complements for each other!