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Going to Visit

Published Sep 24, 2009

Welcome to the Land of the Kamea!
Visitors are always welcome!
Ben Barnard loved his time in PNG!

The prophet Jeremiah wrote, “Mine eye affecteth mine heart.” Every Christian between the ages of 9 and 90 should take a missions trip to some place in the world! To merely step away from our comfort zone in America and see the need around the world is eye-opening.

We encourage visitors to come visit in Papua New Guinea. The things that you may want to know at the beginning involve cost of travel, what you are going to be doing while there and how long you can stay.

We do discourage trips of less than two weeks long during the dry season (the North American winter period) and four weeks long during the wet season (the North American summer period). Visitors to Papua New Guinea can stay for up to 60 days without any prior paperwork and can stay for that period of time on a “Tourist Visa,” which can be obtained at the Immigration Desk upon arrival in Papua New Guinea.

If you are only one person wanting to go on a trip (or a couple), we recommend that you come as a part of a group. There is a group scheduled to come in December 2010, and I recommend that you join that group. You can contact the Leader of that group, my friend Mark Coffey. He has a link on his website about the trip: http://totheworld.org

If you have a large group (8-15 people) that would like to come as part of a church group, we encourage you to contact us through the “Contact Info” link on the side of this page. Please send your email to Matt Allen. You will find his email address on the Contact Info page.