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Water Project Completed

Published Jan 1, 2013

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Through the generous gifts of friends in the USA, the people of Kunai village and Kotidanga Baptist Mission have clean running water year-round. From a waterfall several hundred feet higher than our mission station, and snaking its way through the jungle for nearly 3/4 mile, comes a water supply that should provide us with fresh water all year. Up until now, we were dependent upon rain tanks to capture water. During our dry season, the rainfall is so minimal (albeit being cloudy and very cool) that we often have to ration our water. When we have groups visit during dry season (June-August), sometimes they have to help us haul water from the creek and bathe in the nearby streams. Now we have fresh water running year-round, with good pressure, too—and our Kunai villagers have taps run right near their houses. No more drinking dirty water from the creeks!

Not only did our men dig the long ditches needed to lay the 1 inch water line, but they carried the sand bags and cement bags up the mountain to mix and build the dam. It was back-breaking work, but the fresh water is such a blessing!

Thank you to all who gave toward or prayed for this blessing for us and our people!

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