A New Home for Missionaries!

Guesthouse is open for Missionaries!

In early 2012, Andrew Schellenberger began a building project that has taken most of the year. After some generous donations were made by friends and churches in the USA, our Missionary Guesthouse became a reality!

The Guesthouse is a 2-story, four-apartment complex. Each apartment has a large living/dining/kitchen area, plus 2 bedrooms and a bath with a shower—a hot shower (solar heated, so it’s hot as long as we have sun!).

The pictures give a little detail of the construction process. We milled the lumber here in the bush with a Woodmizer LT-15 sawmill. The iron posts were cut in half (originally 13 feet long); they had to be shortened to fit into an airplane. Other than the wood we milled ourselves, all the materials had to be purchased in town and flown in: roofing iron, v-crimp metal siding, plywood for floors and walls, jalousie windows, nails, and cement. The posts had to be welded back together (52 pieces!), then suspended and leveled in cement. Huge bearer beams had to be lifted way up high on top of the posts…and our Kamea workers are, well, short.

Andrew, aided by Bible school students, fellow missionaries, and local people, did a great job on the Guesthouse. And well he should—he and his wife Rachel now call it home!

We plan for this to be transient housing for our incoming TTMK missionaries as they prepare to move out into their places of service. Already the Ottosens and Muldoons are using it as a temporary home until they move out.

Thank you to everyone who had a part in giving toward this project, and for all of you who faithfully pray for us as we labor here in PNG!