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2012 Pastors' Conference Finished!

Published Jan 30, 2012

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How do you describe it?

People hiking in from up to five days away. Some arrive two days early; some arrive in the dark and in the rain. 

A young local church in the mountains of Gulf Province has successfully hosted its first ever Pastors’ Conference.

A young local church in the mountains of Gulf Province has successfully hosted its first ever Pastors’ Conference. Most of its members are less than three years old in the faith. Many have never seen a conference themselves. But with one heart and one mind they have planned, prepared, worked, and prayed for three years. They grew their own food to feed the attendees. They built strong shelters to house the many visitors from Gulf and Morobe Provinces. They assembled a huge meeting house out of local materials and tarps that they bought themselves.

0112 Full house Day 2
A full house on Day 2 of the conference

The weather did not cooperate. During the week of the meeting we received over 15 inches of rain. On the final day of the meeting, the wind threatened to tear the roof off the meeting house. Strengthened by God’s Spirit and their desire to do something for God, they pulled together and made it work. No complaining was heard about the weather. Difficulties were simply faced and fixed.

Hundreds of pounds of sweet potatoes were grown, harvested, washed, peeled and cooked. The cooks worked in 24-hour shifts, preparing the food on a mud floor in a bamboo and leaf-covered kitchen. They cooked rice and instant noodles, adding greens and sweet potatoes. For two of the meals, they bought and butchered a cow for a real feast. They cooked in pits with hot stones and on long fires on top of the ground. They served the food in the dishes that the attendees brought, or in ones borrowed from church members.

The preaching was convicting. Cultural issues and ancient ideas were challenged by national pastors using the word of God. People were challenged to leave the satanic practices that long have bound them in darkness and to embrace the Cross of Jesus Christ. God was glorified, Jesus Christ was exalted, and God’s people saw Him move in their own hearts as well as the hearts of others.

0112 300 line the trail to say "good-bye"
Believers line the road to say “good-bye” to those walking home after the conference.

When it was finished, 59 people had put their faith in Christ alone for their salvation. To God be the Glory!


             650 Attendees 

from         48 Villages  

with             39 Church leaders  

in                    15 inches of rain  

heard                   7 Break-out session teachers  

and                         3 Plenary speakers  

from                           2 Provinces  

preach about                    1 Awesome God!

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