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Notes from My Journal 01-27-2012

Published Jan 27, 2012

Instant gratification has an equal and opposite reaction—instant boredom.

We live in the most entertained generation of history—yet the most bored generation. How does that work? The rest of the world dreams of these opportunities and our generation squanders these same opportunities in boredom. Instant gratification has an equal and opposite reaction—instant boredom.


The hearts of men and women yearn to fantasize about the epic—romantic movies and fictional books; epic war movies, D-Day invasions that have been dressed up to feature the survivors; and yet, these same men and women eat Doritos™, while sitting on a plush leather couch and surfing both the internet and cable TV at the same time (and possibly DVR-ing another show, because they don’t want to miss something).

Well, there is an epic battle raging—it has been for millennia. It’s the battle for the souls of men. Why not jump in and join this battle? The King of kings has commissioned you, Christian friend, for this fight. Depending on your performance, He may choose to allow you to lead in the fight.

Quit fantasizing about the epic—join in the fight and live out the epic!

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Jeremy Houle
Aug 16, 2012 7:24am [ 1 ]

This is an excellent story. thank you Pastor Matt Allen!!!!!

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