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What is That in Thine Hand?

Published Aug 22, 2010

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If only we would allow God to touch what we have at hand and direct us as how to use it!

“…if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth: that God in all things may be glorified through Jesus Christ…” (1 Peter 4:11)


David had a sling; Moses had a rod; Shamgar had an ox goad; and Elisha had Elijah’s cloak. Each had something naturally, but they allowed God to use it in a supernatural way. Whatever our talents or gifts, naturally speaking, if only we would allow God to touch them and direct us as how to use them!

Listening to Bible story recordings in the clinic
A full clinic listens to Bible story recordings as Ashlee Otto holds the pictures for them to view.


Lena has been using recordings of Scripture and Bible stories while she is working in the clinic, and the people listen intently. At present we use Pidgin, but most of the time there is someone who will translate for those who do not understand. As recording devices are a novelty here, I think some listen out of curiosity to begin with; then the message of God’s eternal Word grips their souls! If we have visitors from the States or believers present, Lena is able to give them picture books to use to illustrate the stories…an even bigger draw!


Since the end of 2009, Lena has used pictures that she has drawn in a story-telling time for children twice a week in our village market . It has helped improve her Pidgin language speaking, and just recently she did her first story in the Kamea language! Her helper, Margaret, helped her to translate the story. She rehearsed it again and again before sharing it with the children (and the adults who always drop in to listen).

Praise the Lord for these opportunities to serve Him by sowing the Word into the hearts of our Kamea people. Would you pray with us that this door of opportunity would stay open, and that Lena’s language ability would continue to improve?


In July and August 2010 our national men have made two more mission outreaches to distant areas. One of these was to Weiyu, and the other was to Weaqaqa—which was the first outreach by our people to another language group (the Menya people)! They have now gone to a foreign language group!


We’ve had visitors this year from Temple Baptist in Herndon, VA (Washington, DC area)…from Pensacola Christian College…and from Texas, Florida, Michigan, and Indiana. We’ve had help with construction, medical ministry, outreach, and new contacts. Recently we were surprised by a visit from our youngest son, Nate, and his wife, Amber. Each visitor has been a blessing; what we hope is that we have been a blessing to them. Our desire as a team is that our visitors see missions as the heartbeat of God. May we all, at home or abroad, encourage one another to strive together for the furtherance of the Gospel! 

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