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Literacy and Education

Probably less than 10 percent of the people can read and write any language.

Literacy in our area is minimal. Probably less than 10 percent of the people can read and write any language—English, Pidgin, or their own language! I know of only 3 women who can read and write, with the remainder of literate people being men. We have completed several literacy classes in Pidgin. We would like to expand this literacy training and make it available to several other villages as well.

With an estimated 7,000 children in the Kamea tribe, less than 1,500 of those attend any schooling. Normally, those children privileged to go to school will attend a elementary school for three years during which they will be taught basic phonics, using their own language. During this time, they learn how to sing the national anthem and say the pledge to the flag. Somehow, they are supposed to learn English in preparation for their graduation to primary school which starts at Grade 3. Currently, students entering grade 3 are illiterate and do not understand English. However, they are thrown into an English classroom (by government law) and spend the next year trying to adjust to their new language. Teachers, students, and parents become frustrated. Many children do not continue their education past that level.

Education is a great need in our area. We have a vision to start a school and teach these young people in a proper classroom environment. In order to do this, we need teachers. Please pray that God will supply us with two good teachers who can effectively teach these children.

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