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Medical missions-2
Medical missions outreach

Tuberculosis, malaria, typhoid, mumps, scabies, dysentery, high infant mortality, pneumonia, whooping cough, hepatitis, tetanus—these rampant diseases are claiming the lives of Kamea people daily. Though there are aid post buildings in our region, medicines are frequently unavailable; medical workers, with far less medical knowledge than an American EMT, take early lunches, come to work several hours late, and take unscheduled time off. Medical care is sparse in most areas among the Kamea people.

Typical Clinic Day
Typical Clinic Day in Kotidanga

We have a vision of building a proper medical clinic in Kotidanga. The closest hospital facility is a two hour walk to the north. In June 2008, we opened a “bush hut clinic,” built for us by local people and used on a daily basis to minister to the health care needs of our people. The average week at the clinic sees 175-200 patients come for some kind of treatment. Right now we have two prayer requests regarding this ministry. First, that we would be able to have a Kamea-speaker present to witness to and minister to all who come to the clinic for treatment. Second, that we ourselves will become proficient in Kamea, that we ourselves can share with them the Good News of salvation in their own heart language.

Children die from diseases that we rarely face in the west. Mothers contract typhoid, go undiagnosed, and die without treatment. Eye and ear infections are common, and childbirth complications are frequent. Medical missions outreach is a means to help the Kamea people with their medical care while offering an opportunity to reach them with the life-changing gospel of salvation through the Lord Jesus Christ.