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Solar-Powered Audio Bibles!

Published Jan 20, 2013

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Faith comes by hearing…

In a pre-literate society, everything is communicated by speaking. In our ministry among the Kamea, we cannot use printed materials in their language because (at this point) there aren’t any. But in the first steps toward Kamea literacy, and in order to get God’s words into their heads and hearts, we’ve begun using solar-powered audio Bibles.

The Proclaimer, a larger device (black in color), is pre-loaded with the New Testament in Tok Pisin, the trade language of Papua New Guinea.

The Megavoice is a smaller player, but has a built-in FM radio; and we can program whatever we desire to use in it. We have programmed over 200 of these personal players with the New Testament in Tok Pisin; ten songs in Tok Pisin by Mrs. Deborah Wells (a missionary wife from Mt. Hagen); and two messages in the tribal language.

Generous donations from supporters in the US enabled us to fund this project. We look forward to putting out another several hundred in the future, plus putting the Kamea Bible (in audio) on it as well.

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