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Sarah Glover Arrives in PNG

Published Apr 16, 2010

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Three years, seven months, and seven days after the Lord confirmed in my heart that He would have me to serve Him in Papua New Guinea, my feet stepped onto the Papua New Guinea soil to begin my ministry here. During that time the Lord allowed me to receive invaluable linguistic, cultural and translation training; complete deputation; and make two short term trips to the field. God has been so good to me, and I praise Him for His miraculous leading in my life. It is a wonderful privilege to get to serve Him.

Of course, being in PNG, I already have many pages full of interesting experiences that we have encountered this past week. If you have not yet had a chance to read Becky’s article on our road trip last weekend, take some time to do that before leaving the site. 

I have been able to read several good books on language learning and literacy as we’ve been in Ukarumpa these last few days, and I hope to be able to apply many of those principles in the future.

Lord willing, we will fly to the village on Monday morning, April 19 (Sunday evening, U.S. time). It is my intention to jump immediately back into the work of language learning and relationship building. I have been blessed with some phenomenal training and given some incredible tools, and it is now time to put them all to use. The most important part of any building is the foundation, so pray that, with the Lord’s help, I will lay a very strong foundation for this new phase of my ministry and life.

Thank you for co-laboring with us, through your prayers, as we endeavor to take the light of the Gospel to those beyond the road that they may know our wonderful Lord!

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