Bible School

Bible school in session
Bible student with wife
Bible student and family
Bible Students in Kotidanga

As soon as we arrived, several believers approached us about doing some sort of Bible training so they would be able to preach the Gospel message to their own people. We waited until we were settled into the village location (early 2005) to start classes. In the mean time we did literacy training. Eight students have now finished their first year of classes (New Testament Survey, Doctrines of the Bible, Dispensations, Christian Character, and Homiletics). We now have another eight students who have started their first year of classes as well.

Update (December 2008): We have now graduated a total of 8 men who are active in the ministry working in the villages of Kotidanga, Kemu, Anewa, Tiyava, Wawa, and Suatuwa. Pray for these young preachers as they labor to win their people to Christ, to disciple the new converts, and to show them the importance of reaching their region for the glory of God!